Announcement for Check-out of 109-2 (this semester)

  • 2021-06-08


  • 因應近期新冠疫情日趨嚴重,中央指揮疫情中心於11067日宣布延長全國疫情三級警戒至628日。教育部526日來函指出,為降低社區感染之風險,請各級學校配合強化防疫措施及停止到校上課配套措施,避免學生不必要移動,倘學生已返鄉,則也避免再返回學校宿舍。


  • 基於綜上原則,109-2(本學期)期末退宿時間,原預定於110628()1200止,延至110712()1200


  • 本公告若有任何變動,將視疫情滾動式修正。




Announcement for Check-out of 109-2 (this semester)

  • Because of the recent increase in the severity of the Covid-19 Epidemic, the Central Epidemic Command Center announced that COVID-19 Level 3 Alert extends until June 28th. The Ministry of Education on May 26th stated that in order to reduce the risk of community infection, all schools are required to stop in person
  • classes,and to not ask students,who already are home,to come back to dormitory to avoid unnecessary movement.


  • Based on the above, the final check-out time for 109-2 (this semester) is postponed to 12:00 pm on July 12th, 110 (Mon), which had been originally scheduled to end at 12:00 pm on June 28th, 110 (Mon).


  • This announcement will be revised on a rolling basis depending on the epidemic situation.



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