The Three-Virtue Academy

  • 2022-12-19
  • staff student

The Three-Virtue Academy at Asia University, Taiwan, has represented the university in the virtue movement propelled by the Ministry of Education in 2006, since the proposal of the "Three Virtues" project — "Be a member of Asia University with morality, quality and taste" — in May, 2009.


During the planning stage, AU constructed thirteen situational classrooms, and created diverse learning environments through green learning environments, and situational arts and humanities classrooms. In the academic year of 2014, the Office of Student Affairs initiated the first "Residential College Day," drawing upon the concept of a residential college. Since then, all kinds of related topics have been planned every year, with content corresponding to AU's four educational objectives: "health, care, innovation and excellence," and deepening students' spiritual level to "cherish bliss, feel grateful, weave a dream and scale the heights."

2017-07-21 106年7月21日兩岸四地高校現代書院教育論壇在大陸西安登場,亞大副校長柯慧貞(左一)代表上台接受頒授聯盟牌匾,正式成為高校書院聯盟的成員。

In 2015, AU was selected by the Ministry of Education as the representative school of Facilitating Character and/or Moral Education. It is the only university invited to come to the stage to share its achievements and experience in promoting moral education. 2 years later (2017), Three-Virtue Academy officially became a member of The University College Alliance, which aims to explore the development of the college system and to enhance the quality of college education among member universities. 

In order to cultivate students with humanistic care and action, starting from 2018, the idea of charity sales was added to the " Residential College Day " from which partial students’ handicrafts were sold in charity sales on- and off- school. Students are expected to not only cultivate basic interdisciplinary skills and develop diverse interests through activities, but also double the effect of their learning resources and help rural children or people in need.

2019-11-04 亞洲大學主任秘書施能義(站者左三)代表三品書院捐贈義賣所得給澎湖縣嵵裡國小學童。

圖12、2019年11月30日 三品書院至台中市民廣場進行書院小物義賣活動

In 2019, "Residential College Day" combined with micro-credit courses. Through participation in activities and completing the assessment, students could obtain some general education credits, so that students had more choices to decide what they wanted to learn.

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