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105-3 Winter Boarding Application Announcement

105-3 Winter Boarding Application Announcement

 For winter boarding application and winter camps application, the winter boarding regulations are as follows:

1.         Winter boarding time (105-3)- dorm open hours in the winter are as follows:

January 17 (Tue.) 17:00- January 26 (Thu.) 15:00 and February 2 (Thu.) 15:00- February 17 (Friday) 15:00 Dorm.1 is open for winter camps and winter boarding students; other dorms are closed.

2.       Please submit the application for winter boarding from December 20, 2016 (Tue.) to January 11, 2017 (Wed.) (for Dorm Service Section to arrange the beds). Application process as follows:

(1) Print out the Summer and Winter Vacation Boarding Application Form. <Please pay after confirming the boarding date.>

(2) Check the boarding fee at the Dorm Service Section (NT$ 150 per night; NT$ 75 per night for students with “on-campus working permit” verified by the unit supervisor.)

(3) Pay the boarding fee at the Payment Kiosk (at the Administrative Building) and return the Application receipt to the Dorm Service Section;

(4) Pay the boarding deposit NT$ 100 at the Dorm Service Section. The deposit will be returned upon check out. If check out regulations are not being followed, the deposit will not be returned. <Thousand bill is not accepted.>

(5) If same room is requested, please submit the application form at the same time; if the application form is submitted separately, the bed will be arranged by the Dorm Service Unit.

For winter boarding, the fee will not be refunded if check out in the middle of the stay. If you apply for 10 days but only stay for 6 days, the fee of the other 4 days will not be refunded.

3.       Open hours for Dorm.1 105-3 winter vacation:

January 17 (Tue.) 17:00- January 26 (Thu.) 15:00 and February 2 (Thu.) 15:00- February 17 (Friday) 15:00 (Total 25 days 24 nights)

4.       Winter boarding students please get the key at Dorm.1 after January 17, 2017 (Tue.) 15:00.

5.       All dorm open hours (105-2) - February 18, 2017 (Sat.) 8:00.

                   Dorm Service Section, December 20, 2016








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